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Here at MEI we hear more and more stories of how the Spigot Freeze Preventer™ has helped people prevent frozen pipes and pumps, provide just the right amount of water to pets and plants, save water and money, and find solutions that no other product offers—all for less than $6 per item.

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The SFP is an easy and economical way to provide cool, fresh water
for your pets all year long.


Provides water for dog all year long: A woman in Lake Butler, FL, uses the SFP to provide cool, fresh water for her dog.

Provides water for horse and its hooves: A man in Alabama said the SFP-01 (1 gallon per hour) was just what he needed to water his horse because it overflowed the trough so that he horse would stand in the water while drinking, keeping his hooves from cracking.

Use the SFP to prevent frozen pipes, pumps,
and more.Saves money on pump repairs—“SFP is the best thing since sliced bread:”

 A man from Trenton, FL, called and thanked MEI Inventor, Founder, & President Jack Montpetit for the SFP. He had his pump break down three times because of cold weather. The third time he asked his plumber what he could do. The plumber suggested he buy an SFP at the local hardware store. He hasn’t had any problems since. He saved a couple hundred dollars after installing an SFP, which he said “is the best thing since sliced bread.”

Keeps shower line from freezing:

A woman from Arizona one day called Jack. She lives in the upper part of the state where it gets cold. Her shower line freezes up every year. Jack advised her the she could install the SFP by getting an adapter at the local hardware store. Problem solved!

The SFP is a reliable, economical way to
provide water for horses, livestock, and farm animals.With no moving parts, the Spigot Freeze Preventer (SFP)  is a simple, inexpensive, and reliable way to provide continuous, fresh water to livestock and all your farm animals.Provides water for all animals on the farm: A man in Starke, FL, uses the SFP to water most everything—cattle, hogs, chickens, you name it.

Provides water for deer and bear at hunt club; protect pipes and pumps: Jack’s son-in-law bought a 100 SFPs for thousands of acres in Georgia. He uses the SFPs on shallow water wells throughout the property to keep water in troughs for deer and bear all year long, and to keep the pipes and pumps from freezing during the winter.

Keeps pipes from busting, and is the envy of neighbors: A man called recently and said he used the SFP on his house spigots. All his neighbors’ pipes froze up or busted or froze up, except his.

Protects pipes during the winter while away from home: A man who lives in North Central Florida buys a half dozen or more SFPs every year to keep pipes from freezing while he’s away in North Carolina during construction season.

Use the SFP to water your plants without flooding your yard—saving resources and money.Waters plants and protects pipes with SFPs on 15 spigots! Jack uses the SFP himself to provide a steady trickle of water to his plants when needed all year long, and keeps an SFP on each of his 15 spigots around his house and yard to protect his pipes during freezing weather. In fact, trying to protext all those all those spigots during such a cold snap led to the invention of the SFP. Read to learn more on our About Us page.

And learn about more uses on our About the SFP page.


‎I bought several of the SFPs several years ago and these are the best thing since sliced bread... We don't have a lot of cold weather here in South Georgia but it does keep from having pipes freeze when we do.

Mike Dewey


I live in an older home several feet above the ground. All pipes are exposed without insulation.

Before purchasing and installing the Spigot Freeze Preventer (SFP), it took about 20 minutes to adjust three exterior water faucets to drip enough to prevent freezing.

[With the SFPS installed] now I just go out and turn on the faucets full force and forget them.

Martha Powel
Lake Butler, FL

Dear Jack: When I first saw your new invention of the Spigot Freeze Preventer (SFP), I knew it would be a good seller based on my many years in the plumbing supply business.

We started with a limited number in inventory but found that as the freezing temperatures during the winter of 2002/2003 lingered on, we had a hard time keeping enough SFPs on hand to meet our customer's needs. You were faithful in providing additional product and as a result we sold 475 SFPs that winter.

Based on our sales record this past winter, we were confident in ordering more for the winter of 2003/2004.

I think the SFP is a great invention and I am sure you will achieve nationwide acceptance.

A.C. Milton, President
Sunshine Electrical & Plumbing Supply, Inc.
Lake City, FL

Dear Jack: When you first visited my store in the fall of 2002, I had my doubts as to whether the product would sell. However, you were persistent and on your next visit you offered to let me have the Spigot Freeze Preventer (SFP) on a consignment basis. With nothing to lose, I agreed to try and sell them in my stores.

To my surprise, we were unable to keep enough SFPs in out stores to meet demand. We had a great year selling 1,206 SFP during the winter of 2002/2003. With this sales record we had no problem deciding to go with a larger order in the fall of 2003. We have been extremely successful again this winter and hope to meet or exceed our previous record for last winter.

Good luck in your future marketing endeavors.

Marc Jackson, President & CEO
Jackson's Building Supply
Starke, FL