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Inventor John R. 'Jack' Monpetit installing the SFP.The patented Spigot Freeze Preventer™ was first envisioned in the winter of 2000, which was an extremely cold winter for north Florida. This required the inventor, John R. "Jack" Montpetit, to have his son go over to his home, since Jack was out of town, and have him turn on all of the outside spigots (12 in all!) to prevent the inventor's water system from freezing. It took him about three (3) hours to adjust the spigot drip rate so that they would drip at a minimum rate without shutting off completely.

As you may know, the spigot valve washer will become very hard when cold and does not expand very rapidly when opened during cold weather. However, when the spigot valve is open for a while and the warmer water from the house begins to flow over the washer, it becomes more flexible causing the washer to expand closing the opening as originally set. If the washer expands too much, it may cut off the water flow completely causing the water circulation to stop and thus causing some or all of your water system to freeze and burst. Therefore, the spigot needs to be adjusted several times during this initial setting until you are sure that it will not shut off when you leave it. This adjusting of the spigot drip rate can be time consuming and very unpleasant, especially in extremely cold weather.

The son suggested that the inventor develop something that would eliminate the need for this constant, time-consuming adjustment problem. This was the beginning of an idea to develop a device that could be attached to a water spigot, that would control the drip rate at the minimum rate of flow required to prevent the water system from freezing while the spigot was turned on to the maximum flow position, thus preventing the spigot’s valve washer from expanding and therefore cutting off the water flow completely.

The SFP-01 (1 gallon per hour) device was developed and field tested in Florida in the winter of 2001 and a patent was granted on December 14, 2004. The SFP-01 (1 gallon per hour) device has also been field tested in Texas, Minnesota, Washington, and Michigan. Laboratory tests at the East-West Technology testing facility in Jupiter FL, indicates that the SFP-0.5 (1/2 gallon per hour) device on three (3) feet of exposed 1/2" PVC Sch. 40 pipe and the SFP-01 (1 gallon per hour) device on nine (9) feet of exposed 1/2" PVC Sch. 40 pipe can withstand temperatures down to -16° Fahrenheit without freezing up and continued to function properly. However, it’s not recommended that any SFP device be used in areas where the temperature falls below -10° Fahrenheit.

Montpetit Enterprises, Inc. (MEI) was incorporated on October 14, 2002, by John R. "Jack" Montpetit, inventor of the Spigot Freeze Preventer™. We distribute the SFP to retailers, and also sell the SFP through our Online Store for customers who don't have access to a retailer that sells the SFP.