The Spigot Freeze Preventer is an outdoor spigot/faucet dripper that helps prevent pipes from freezing. Twist. Turn. Done. A steady drip provides peace of mind all winter long.

The patented Spigot Freeze Preventer (SFP) helps prevent water pipes from freezing, providing "peace of mind" all winter long. It's the easiest way to drip outside spigots, and works better than the commonly-used faucet covers because it maintains water flow through the pipes, which is necessary for well pumps and mobile homes and just as helpful for regular houses because you can see it working. Additionally, by using a Y-hose connector, you have access to your water without having to uninstall anything.

The SFP was developed primarily to:

  • Help prevent water systems from freezing: spigots, pipes, pumps, tanks…
  • Conserve water.
  • Be easy to use.
  • Be economical to customers.
  • Be maintenance-free.
  • Can be used with a Y-hose connector to provide easy access to your water supply.
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